“Pete from PeakCX worked as an integrated part of our team for over 8 months, leading the design of an optimized, end-to-end customer experience solution for one of the U.S. government’s largest customer support operations.  His expertise with enterprise contact center transformation, including work-from-home processes and technologies, along with his ability to provide targeted, data-driven business recommendations really helped us differentiate and optimize the value of our solution. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work product, and the expert guidance provided.”

- VP for Government Services Provider

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Transform & Elevate your Customer Experience

While optimizing your Customer Support Costs!

Is it really possible?  

The answer is Yes! 

We'll show you how.

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About Us

Solutions for success in a world that's evolving faster than ever before...

Customer expectations have never been higher.  But here's the good news - today's customer support landscape provides a unique opportunity to align customer expectations with the latest processes and technical capabilities - and actually decrease service cost while increasing customer satisfaction!

PeakCX Partners is a network of industry-leading customer support experts that have built, optimized and transformed customer experience and business outcomes for many of the world's leading brands.   

We provide end-to-end strategy development, tactical design, and implementation support for the operation of high-performing customer care solutions - utilizing the latest technologies and omnichannel capabilities across both remote and onsite delivery models, to drive both customer and support agent satisfaction.

What makes PeakCX Partners different?

First - Our focus is on providing actionable, efficient solutions that drive measurable value and outcomes for your business.

Second - We're open to structuring our fees to include a mix of fixed and variable pricing based on the value we deliver to you. 

 Third - We believe most work can be accomplished virtually using the latest collaboration tools.  We're happy to come onsite when it makes good sense, but we won't waste your $ on travel when we agree there's no value in doing so.

Finally - We love hearing about your unique business challenges and providing guidance that doesn't carry a price tag - it's about building trust and helping you succeed.  Give us a call anytime!


Services We Provide


Customer Experience Optimization & Transformation

Assess, Design, Transform, Optimize   - Whether you are looking to improve customer support outcomes across the board or have targeted solution needs, we can help!

PeakCX provides end-to-end customer success and customer experience management design - including support channel strategy, operational process optimization, Work-from-Home solutions, digital/ technology innovation, omnichannel design, and employee/ customer satisfaction programs.  

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Go-to-Market Enhancements

Grow Your Business - We examine what leading organizations do to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced sales world, and which ones are doing it best. 

We then bring those insights into the assessment and improvement of your unique Go-to-Market capability including solution strategy, proposal content and design, monetizing your value, and presentation development - to truly differentiate you in the market and WIN!

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Customer Service Partner Selection

Expert Guidance - Considering outsourcing your customer support?  How do you make sure you find the right partner?  We can help you determine whether this approach makes sense for your business, define the right solution/ partner criteria and successfully navigate the end-to-end process of assessment, from RFP to selection, negotiation and ongoing partner management.  Then we can help you successfully implement and ensure effective working alignment and management controls to gain your desired business results.

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Strategic CX Planning Session

Not sure exactly what you need, but have this nagging feeling things just aren't working as well as they could?  Want to make sure you're taking advantage of the latest channel strategies and technology capabilities, but not quite sure where to start?  Let's set up an introductory session to get to bounce things around, learn a bit about your business and customers, and see what we find! 

Then, if it makes sense, we can create a plan together.


A message from Pete Weaklend

Managing Director & Principal Consultant

With over 20 years of experience as the Head of Global CX Solution Design for one of the world's largest customer care outsourcers, I've had the opportunity to lead global teams in the design and implementation of successful, efficient, innovative customer experience solutions for hundreds of the world's leading brands across virtually all industries - from large, global enterprises, to start-up companies just beginning the surge to success!  

Our Team of CX Partners brings together decades of combined experience solving customer support challenges and delivering real, grounded innovation and transformation. leveraging the latest best practice processes / technologies.

We take a partnering approach, ensuring we integrate the culture of your business and the voice of your unique brand into everything we do - to create measurable, sustainable, flexible solutions, that move right along with your customers.


Don't hesitate to reach out with your unique goals and challenges to see if we can help! 




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